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Zynga’s Q4 Results For 2013 Sees Share Price Soar

Mark Twain’s phrase “Lies. Damned lies, and statistics” sums up the market response to social gaming giant Zynga’s fourth quarter results for 2013. As reported the woes of Zynga has seen them on one hell of a roller coaster ride and one never knows what is coming next. Anyone looking at the Q4 results would think that they put another nail in Zynga’s coffin. Revenue for the quarter was $176 million which is a drop of 43% from 2012. Added to that are the number of active players which have gone down drastically from 2012. The monthly active users were down to 112 million million for the quarter which is less than half of the 298 MAU’s in the same quarter from 2012. Zynga reported a $25 million net loss for the quarter which was an improvement on the $49 million for Q4 in 2012. In terms of the whole of 2013, revenues fell by 32% to $873.2m with online game revenues down 34%, ad revenues down 17%, bookings down 38% to $716m. Another “positive” number was net losses which were $37m which improves on the $209.4m in 2012. Zynga expect Q1 revenues results for 2014 to be between $155m to $165m with net losses projected between $49m and $56m. Their cost cutting measures will continue in 2014 with a planned 15% workforce cut which will save around $34m. Zynga also announced their plans to acquire mobile game developer Natural Motion for $527 million. Now comes the funny part as despite these not so flattering numbers Zynga’s share price was up 23% to be trading around the $4.38 range. After reading the figures and seeing the stock price soar one gets an idea why so many people are skeptical about statistics and numbers. There is only one explanation for such a market reaction and that is many believed that Zynga’s woes would not end and even worsen. The very fact that their losses were less than catastrophic actually gave investors’ confidence in the former gaming giant. We can only sit on the side and see what lies in wait for Zynga in 2014. Could it be the year of their demise or the year they rise from the ashes and return to the $10 share price of their IPO launch. For what it’s worth Zynga’s chief executive Don Mattrick seems optimistic,” We finished 2013 in a strong position and expect 2014 to be a growth year. We believe that Q1 2014 will be a solid foundation for that growth and we expect substantial improvements for the remainder of the year across audience, bookings, and adjusted EBITDA. Our market is…

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Big Fish Continue Winning Streak With 11th Consecutive Year Of Growth

Social gaming giant Big Fish continue with their impressive growth. They reported $266 million in gross revenues for 2013 which makes it their 11th consecutive year of double digit growth. This phenomenal success is largely due to their focus on the mobile sector in which they have more than 400 unique iOS titles alone. The mobile gaming market is expected to double between 2013 and 2015 according to Gartner with revenues growing from $13.2 billion to $22 billion. The success of Big Fish games can be seen in their ratings. Their flagship Big Fish Casino was a top ten grossing app on Apple for 2013. Even more impressive was the fact that they were the only casino type game to appear on Apple’s top grossing apps for both the iPad and iPhone. Another major factor contributing to the growth and success of Big Fish Games is the social aspect. They reportedly had over 17 million friend connections made with game installs increasing by up to five times in all major markets. Their “Fairway Solitaire” game became the number one grossing solitaire card game in 2013 and grew over 100% in 2013. Big Fish Founder and CEO, Paul Thelen commented on the outstanding numbers,” Big Fish is the world’s largest producer of casual games, and we are one of the few companies with a legacy PC games business that has successfully transitioned to mobile devices and, due to a strong history in data analytics, quickly adapted to the rapidly growing free-to-play business model, all while maintaining robust revenue and profit…

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Bitcoin Gaining Momentum With Major Merchants Coming To The Party

The New York Hearings on Bitcoin by New York’s top financial regulator, Benjamim M. Lawsky are continuing to make headlines as more light is shed on digital currencies. The speculative phase of Bitcoin is slowly diminishing as more businesses are accepting this virtual currency as a payment option. We reported on the two Las Vegas hotels who have started accepting Bitcoin. This follows the Sacramento Kings and other online casinos who are embracing the benefits of Bitcoin. On the second day of the New York hearings it was revealed that more major retailers are now processing Bitcoin payments. These include Overstock and TigerDirect. This information was revealed by co-founder of the Bitcoin exchange, Fred Ehrsam. The figures are increasing daily but according to Coinbase there are over 21,000 merchants who are accepting Bitcoin. In a sign of just how popular Bitcoin is, Overstock received nearly 3,000 orders in Bitcoin since they started accepting it as currency on Jan.9. TigerDirect processed over $250,000 within the first 24 hours of them opening up shop for Bitcoins on Jan. 23. The volatility of Bitcoin has got many concerned as the value can fluctuate overnight. In order to combat this problem both individuals and merchants can use services like Coinbase which allow them to buy and sell Bitcoin with a U.S. bank account and convert their currency to real dollars, thus eliminating any major risks of price…

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Bitcoin Growth Pits Visionaries Against Conformists

“Bitcoin is freedom. It’s very American”, so says Tyler Winklevoss. The controversy of Bitcoin is in the headlines on a daily basis, sometimes in a positive and sometimes in a negative light. All over the globe regulators are realizing that the Bitcoin phenomenon is not going away and could become a global currency threatening traditional banking conglomerates. One of the main draw cards to Bitcoin is the lack of central control and regulation. While with regular banking we are slaves to the transaction fees and regulations of banking institutions, Bitcoin currently is unregulated and not controlled by any money grabbing banks looking to add to their billions earned in managing our cash. We all know how the bureaucracy of banks can drive us up the wall but with Bitcoin transaction are a lot quicker and do not incur hefty fees which is what has got banking moguls looking to protect their monopolies. The U.S. is one country looking to get a handle on digital currencies like Bitcoin before it gets out of hand. The thought of millions of like-minded people leaving traditional banks does not sit well with power hungry capitalists. A hearing on Tuesday in New York called by New York’s top financial regulator, Benjamim M. Lawsky convened to discuss this burning issue. The five day hearing is aimed at discussing the advantages of Bitcoin over the current banking systems. The funny thing is that the hearing went on to bash the banks for their red tape. Lawsky himself was quick to point out that it takes him three days to transfer money to pay a credit card at the same bank. The Winklevoss brothers who are famous for their Facebook connection and are heavily invested in Bitcoin were quick to have a dig at the current banking system and said,” Solutions don’t really come from the current industry.” There was also talk about plans by banks to join the virtual currency market by creating their own version of Bitcoin. This notion was knocked down by venture capitalist Fred Wilson who stated the obvious when saying that no one would rush to create software for a conventional banking system. While the banks are definitely feeling the heat as more and more disgruntled consumers are fed up with excessive banking fees and paper work when doing simple transactions. Lawsky however like many politicians and regulators cannot live without the notion that some sort of government regulation is necessary for virtual currencies like Bitcoin. Lawsky stated,” We need to think internally about how we can be a more modern, digital regulator.” He went on to propose some sort of BitLicense…

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UFC President Dana White Discusses High Stakes Blackjack Passion

Dana White of the UFC has got to be one of the most colorful characters around in the sporting world. Being president of The UFC and associated with the Fertitta Brothers who run Ultimate Gaming gives him plenty of opportunity to enjoy the gambling world. White is legendary for his love of gambling and blackjack in particular. On Monday he gave reporters a fascinating insight into his world of high stakes blackjack. White has been quoted in the past as saying,” I have a lot of all-night blackjack sessions.” The outspoken UFC boss was keen to discuss his blackjack highs despite being at the press conference to promote UFC 169. White went on to reveal that he has beat the casinos for $5,000,000 on nights and “it’s the rush and excitement of all rushes.” Claiming to have won multi-million dollar amounts on more than one occasion, White explained that the casinos understandably are not too keen to help you out with the cash you have won and literally leave it up to you to haul your winnings in whatever you can find. White explained,” They don’t have some kind of suitcase where they put the money in. ‘You just beat us, here you go.’ That’s really the attitude. They just stack it all up there and go ‘thanks, have a great night.’ We’ve had trash bags, we got to the point we started bringing our own…

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