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Gov. Chris Christie Delivers Ultimatum To Atlantic City Casinos

Time is running out for Atlantic City casinos to deliver the goods as Gov. Chris Christie’s five year grace period is fast approaching. The idea was to allow casinos in the state of New Jersey exclusively in Atlantic Casino for five years. If they performed well enough then expansion to other areas of the state would not be on the cards. However the existing 12 Atlantic City casinos have been struggling. In fact there are technically 11 casinos as the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel is closing its doors on Jan. 13. With the New Year upon us, Atlantic City casino bosses will have to come up with better ways to combat the diminishing market share and improve revenues. The launching of online gambling in New Jersey via the state casinos was aimed at providing a much needed boost to their revenues. While it is still too early to tell the question arises as to whether the choice of gambling online helps the casinos or perhaps many gamblers will choose to stay away from the brick and mortar casinos in favor of sitting at home and gambling. Gov. Chris Christie did not mince his words when commenting on the importance of 2014 for Atlantic City casinos,” It’s obviously a critical year because we need to begin to see progress in Atlantic City or we’re going to start considering alternatives. It’s a year when we have to show some significant results.” Should things not improve Gov. Christie will have to consider casinos at the Meadowlands sports complex in Northern New Jersey and even other areas once thought unthinkable. The current legal situation allows casinos only along the southern coast in Atlantic City. New Jersey is also attempting to override a ban on sports betting by taking their case to the Supreme Court. There are growing fears that the fate of the remaining Atlantic City casinos could be the same as that of the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel as the market shrinks and becomes more competitive. Added to the mix is the real possibility of job losses in a state which is still recovering from the effects of Superstorm Sandy in October 2012. In fact there are voices calling for an extension of the five-year grace period due to Superstorm Sandy. As we reported New Jersey has big ambitions which include becoming a global gambling hub. Gov. Chris Christie is under pressure to generate revenues which will be felt by Atlantic City casinos in a big…

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Italy Facing Potential Social Crisis Over Gambling Addiction

We have discussed the ongoing debate on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs )in the UK at length. The idea of gambling machines sprouting up everywhere is a common problem throughout the gambling world. The age old debate of how much gambling helps government revenues versus the social damage it does is always in the eyes of the beholder. An interesting piece in the New York Times touches on the problems Italy is facing. When thinking of Italy one conjures up images of of designer clothes, spectacular cuisine and beautifully designed sports cars. However many do not realize that Italy is the largest gambling market in Europe and the fourth largest in the World following United States, Japan and Macau. These figures provided by the Global Betting and Gaming Consultants are well worth discussion as gambling revenues in Italy are expected to reach surpass the $22.4 billion of 2012. It is estimated that one in every eight dollars spent by an Italian family goes towards gambling which is an increase of more than four times than that of fifteen years ago. With figures like these many are calling on the government to limit the amount of machines allowed in order to prevent a national crisis.The problem lies in the fact that the government is heavily reliant on gambling revenues which amounted to over $11 billion last year. This according to a lawmakers results in the government getting the profits while the local regions only get the problems. Critics lean on studies like that of the University of Rome who in 2012 estimated that there were 790,000 Italians at risk of gambling addiction. Gambling companies are quick to refute these numbers and claim that the addiction rates are in lines with what is acceptable in Europe. They also point out that gross payout in winnings is high and can reach up to 98% of what is bet in online gambling, In fact they claim that by law at least 85% of the highly popular Video Lottery Terminals( VLT’s) payout which is the main reason for them being played so much. The positive side to this potential crisis is the fact that amongst all parties there is a consensus that the Italian gambling market is mature and there is a need for restructuring. There are proposals that include reducing the number of gambling locations, slot machines and limit the concentration of machines permitted in a single hall. If that’s not enough to take into account there is also the aspect of jobs. Currently there are over 200,000 workers employed in the gambling industry and any crackdown could result in massive job cuts…

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Man Finds Winning Lottery Ticket In Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

The chances of winning the lottery are remote to say the least. This however does not stop millions of us from purchasing lotto tickets as it appeals to the human instinct of hope which gets us through tough times. The story of a 27-year-old Marvin Martinez is one of the most remarkable stories of luck we have covered recently. This lucky immigrant from El Salvador came across a lottery scratch card that was discarded a month after Superstorm Sandy. It was picked up by Martinez when he was cleaning up leaves last November after the storm. It turns out that the discarded lottery ticket was a winning $1 million jackpot bonanza. Following an extensive investigation the state gaming commission failed to identify the ticket as stolen or reported as missing and decided to award the landscaper with the dream prize of a lifetime. Martinez is a worthy winner as he still lives with his mother in a damaged house from the storm. Despite having the Gods smile on him in dire times Martinez is keeping his feet on the ground and said that he would still continue to work six days a week. Martinez will walk away with $515,612 after taxes and deciding to take a lump…

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Delaware Intends Expanding Online Gambling Options

The launch of online gambling in Delaware in October has largely being overshadowed by New Jersey’s launch. Of the three U.S. states offering real money gambling Delaware is considered one of the smaller markets. New Jersey has got off to a steady start with over 91,000 registrations reported in about a month. Delaware however is much smaller as can be seen in their numbers. In an interview with Delaware lottery chief Vernon Kirk on local radio station WDDE FM, it was reported that 3,800 registered accounts had been opened in the first three months of launching online. Kirk commented on the state lottery plans to expand online gambling with a focus on strengthening accessibility to mobile brands. Currently over $8.2 million has been wagered online throughout the Delaware’s three land casinos. Kirk said that there is to be a focus on creating online software that caters for the huge iOS market. While more accurate figures will only be available in mid-January 2014 the lotto chief is optimistic about future of Delaware’s online gambling prospects. By expanding their game and slot content Kirk intends to make Delaware a success story that rivals bigger states like that of New Jersey and…

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Paddy Power Ends Bromance Between Dennis Rodman And Kim Jong-Un

Gambling companies spend millions in marketing and advertising campaigns. They are often some of the raciest and interesting campaigns as gambling appeals to those looking for the glitz and glamor of opulent lifestyles that a big win would ensure. Many times celebrities and sports stars are enlisted to promote global brands to a wider audience. One of the most intriguing endorsements has got to be that of the Irish Paddy Power who somehow managed to team up with Dennis Rodman. Anyone around in the heydays of the Chicago Bulls will remember two players in particular, that of Michael Jordan and the controversial Dennis Rodman. If controversy is what Paddy power were seeking when sponsoring Rodman then they surely have got their money’s worth. There are few scenes more bizarre than seeing Rodman shake the hand of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un with a cap emblazoned with the logo of Paddy Power. This surreal friendship between the eccentric Rodman and the unstable dictator Kim Kong-un has led to Rodman becoming one of the only Americans who have visited and become a friend of the unpredictable Kim Jong-un. While many were amused at seeing Paddy Power in what has got to be the most unusual ad campaign ever, the harsh reality of North Korea’s politics has finally caught up with them. After having his own uncle executed for offenses including womanizing and gambling no less, Paddy Power were forced to cease their sponsorship of Rodman’s visits to North Korea after “a reaction to the worldwide focus and total condemnation of the North Korean regime over recent events.” We look forward to seeing what Paddy Power has planned for the future for their marketing plans. Perhaps a sponsorship of sports illustrated models wearing tiny green Paddy Power branded bikinis to Iran would be a better bet than Kim Jong-un. When all is said and done one has got to ask what the hell were they…

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