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Florida Mans Strikes It Lucky By Winning Lottery Twice

The odds of winning the lottery are astronomical to say the least but the chances of winning a multi-million jackpot twice are nothing short of divine intervention. A 67 year old Florida man James Bozeman Jr. has just won a $3 million Florida jackpot from of August 31 2013. The same lucky winner Bozeman won another life changing jackpot last year when he picked up a $10 million lotto prize. Even stranger is the fact that he purchased both winning tickets from the same 7-Eleven store in Edgewood. According to the luckiest man on the planet he started using new numbers after his other jackpot win and intends on choosing a third set of new numbers for future lotto ticket purchases. Bozeman chose the option of receiving $100,000 for the next 30 years. One has got to ask if the Florida lotto officials are raising any eyebrows into the double winner as you could not have written a better Hollywood script for such a rare…

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Bee Cave Games Enters Real Money Gambling Market

Another social casino developer Bee Cave Games is joining the club of those free-to-play developers that have crossed over to the real money option. According to Bee Cave Games they will be offering real money slots as well as other games. The slots include Treasure of the Tides, Wilderness Jackpot and Creatures of Wonder. These new titles will be an addition to the Blackjack Casino title which is available on both Facebook and mobile. If you’re wondering what Bee Cave will bring to the party that is new, they claim to offer a unique social multiplayer focus as well as quality graphics. According to Bee Cave Games chief operating officer Jeremy Strauser the player will get the feel of playing in a crowded casino as they will get to play with up to four other live players. This according to Strauser is what sets their casino games apart from the rest. Bee Cave has also teamed up with Betable in order to offer real money games in the UK. Strauser said,” I’m really excited to take what we learned in the play-money space and to apply it to the real-money space. We think both sides are very complimentary and will accelerate creating better experiences for each…

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Gambling Debts Are A Good Economic Indicator

The spending habits of gamblers are often used as an economic indicator of the times. The last few years has seen an economic downturn in both the U.S. and Europe with overall spending down. In a positive sign which shows that this is turning around the amount of gambling debts been written off by casinos are less than in the previous years. An article in Associated Press discusses this unusual aspect of casinos and the way in which they manage gambling debt from high rollers. When the recession was in full force in 2008 all the major U.S. casinos increased their estimates for bad debt but now with the economic upturn have lowered these estimates to levels that were seen before the recession. Las Vegas is still the home for the high rollers and their gambling revenues have started to bounce back along with the number of visitors .The issue of casinos allowing high rollers to gamble on credit is fascinating look into how the casino business approaches their big customers. Most casinos will allow big gamblers credit for the simple reason that if they did not they would lose out on potential million dollar bets which are not uncommon for a whale to do. As president of global gaming at Las Vegas Sands Rob Goldstein says casinos would be at a “significant competitive disadvantage” in Las Vegas if they did not offer credit. Bear in mind that a high roller can bet millions of dollars in a just a few rolls of the dice. Las Vegas casinos have seen steady growth since 2010 which indicates that people are more comfortable in spending their money. This however does not mean that casino bosses do not worry about recovering major debts. Unlike other sectors high rollers who spend millions of dollars gambling and lose have essentially nothing with which the casino can repossess. The bets have been placed and the money has gone. The amount that casinos factor in to their overall budget when calculating bad debt are another indicator of just how much revenues are generated by gambling. While casinos write off tens of millions in bad debts this is actually a drop in the ocean when compared to their overall revenue earnings. The Sands budgeted for $492 million in bad debts, Caesars Entertainment was $202 million while Wynn Resorts and MGM Resorts International were about $100 million. As we said these figures sound high but Sands reported over $1,5 billion in profit last year and $9 billion in revenues. Wynn reported “only” $500 million in profits with $4 billion in revenues. The issue of collecting bad debts also…

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Catskill Mountains Could See Casinos With Nov. 5 Vote

New York’s upcoming election on Nov. 5 is expected to see voters approve an amendment allowing the expansion of casinos on non-Indian land. This could be significant as New York is seen as a gold mine in terms of the size of their market. Politicians like Governor Cuomo have been pushing for changes for a long time. He believes that should the amendment to New York’s constitution pass, upstate New York and areas like the Catskills Mountains could see their economies revitalized. The proposal to expand gambling to the Catskills is supported by Kuala- Lumpur based Genting Bhd who are Southeast Asia’s biggest casino operator and already operate the Resorts World Casino in Queens which features more than 5000 slots and other table games. The amendment is not aimed at New York City for at least seven years. The first four licences will go to the Catskills and other upstate areas according to state law. Cuomo believes that casinos are already a reality with tribal casinos operating. Like many other supporters of gambling he points out that fact that the way forward is better regulation which would create much need employment opportunities as well as providing the state with tax revenues. The Catskill Mountains have been pushing for casinos since 1971 and are particularly popular with Jewish families vacationing from New York City. We all remember the blockbuster Dirty Dancing which made the resorts famous, for their dancing skills. The plan which calls for five casinos to be built within the year in the Catskill region has even got support from the Satmar Hasidic sect, A spokesperson for the Satmar sect., Rabbi Moshe Indig said,” We will support the referendum and support the building of casinos in Sullivan County, because our community always supports whatever brings benefit to our country and therefore we will not oppose the building of casinos in Sullivan…

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Study Shows Poker Bluff Is In The Hands And Not The Face

Poker is considered by many as a game of skill and less of luck. Even anti-gambling voices are often forced to admit that the law prohibiting games of chance do not apply to the art of poker. The psychological aspect of poker is legendary and many believe that a trained professional can bluff his way to a winning hand. The old saying of showing your “poker face” when playing might not be too accurate according to a study in Psychological Science. According to research by Michael Slepian the real trick is in the hands and not the face when trying to fool your opponent. Slepian conducted a fascinating study by showing a group of tester’s short video clips from players in the World Series of Poker. Each clip focused on three different body areas including the face, the hands and the player’s upper body. Based on the clips the test group were asked to guess the quality of the player’s hand. Interestingly enough the best results were achieved by those looking at the hands. This experiment is in contrast to the common notion that a poker ace holds the power to deceive with his facial expressions. Even more telling is the fact that testers using the player’s faces to gauge the card strength performed worse than those relying on random luck. It turns out that for this small group of researchers the smoothness of arm movements was the most telling…

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