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Opzi Launches Real Money Slots With Betable

The year 2007 is one that will go down in history as the start of a global lifestyle change. With the launch of the first iPhone, the way in which we approach our online activities has been revolutionized. No industry has felt this more than that of the gaming and gambling combined .Mobile computing devices have meant that we have the ability to engage online whenever we so choose. We are no longer confined to restrictions place on us. Should we want to play poker or slots. All we need to do is to whip out our mobile devices and play at our leisure. Whether this helps or hinders land casinos is open to debate but there is a no turning back the clock to the days where you literally has to physically venture out to a casino in order to gamble. It is also no coincidence that social games and real money games are now almost inseparable. The fastest growing market in the gambling and gambling sector is the mobile arena. There is literally a stampede of social gaming companies as well as real money casinos looking to capitalize on what is now the default choice for millions worldwide. Smartphones are well within reach of anyone these days and are no longer for exclusive demographic sectors. Social casino games are always in the top most popular overall games on all major social networks. Even though it just for fun the thrill of spinning a slot reels or playing a hand of poker is always there. Until recently the notion of playing these free-to-play casino games were a pipe dream. The reasons for this include legal reasons as well as highly complicated and expensive infrastructure needed to make this a reality. This has changed by startups like Betable who have broken through this barricade. They in essence offer a real money gaming platform to any gaming company looking to monetize their online games. They literally take care of every aspect including licensing, support and infrastructure. Gaming companies no longer have to deal with tedious bureaucracy which has made real money gaming until now extremely difficult. With this in mind startups like Betable have been busy over the last six months as social gaming entities look to partner up with them and enjoy the fruits of real money gambling.The most recent example of this is that of social gaming company Opzi which has just launched their Real Money Slots for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. These new real money mobile games are available at the iTunes UK App Store. This is just the first of others to follow by Opzi….

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Microgaming’s Playboy Video Online Slots Game

There are few global brands that enjoy more prestige and glamour than that of Playboy. This exclusive celebrity brand conjures up luxury and exotic entertainment. As a leading gaming platform Microgaming are one of the most trusted and exclusive platforms for all online slots entertainment. It comes therefore as no surprise that they are launching the new Playboy online slots game in July in leading casinos like All Slots Casino. This 5 reel,243 ways-to-win online slots video treat takes you into a world where you meet the exotic Playboy bunnies and where you get the opportunity to spin and win your way towards the Platinum status. As you would expect Playboy video slots has superb lifelike graphics which are a treat for the eyes. All the icons on the reels entice you to continue playing. You will meet the beautiful Kimi, Sofia, Ashley and Jillian who all accompany you on a slots getaway you will not quickly forget.Some of the bonus features include no less than four different Free Spins games which the four beautiful ladies reward you with. In the Free Spins feature Kimi will award you with 10 Free Spins whereby all wins will be multiplied x5. The beautiful Sofia will award 15 Free Pins with Running Wilds to boot. The Seductive Ashley will award 20 Free Spins as well as a Rolling Reels Feature. If that’s not enough to peak your interest than the Stunning red haired Jillian will award 25 Free Spins as well as the Wild Night Feature. Microgaming’s new Playboy slot is one of the most anticipated releases of late and it a sure bet that many will enjoy this high end luxurious slot with one of the most exclusive and alluring brands out here.  …

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Eighteen Year Old Wins £22 million In Euro Lottery Jackpot

The notion of winning a dream jackpot on a lottery ticket at the age of eighteen is something that can either make or break you. It  has been confirmed that a West Midlands teenager has won the £22 million in the Euro Lottery jackpot. This massive jackpot is believed to have been won a few months ago but was only recently confirmed by the lad’s father. This unique win at the tender age of 18 places him in an interesting group of young winners who have not always enjoyed fairytale endings. Being the youngest major lottery winner ever has its pressures believe it or not. The other young lottery winner Michael Caroll, 19 of Norfolk is infamous for squandering his £9,736,000 on gambling, prostitutes and drugs. Another young lottery winner was Callie Rogers of Workington who won £1.9 million when she was only sixteen years old. She famously also went off the rails and embarked on wild shopping sprees that included breast plants and even posing naked for a magazine shoot with £20 notes place in strategic positions. She has also reportedly lost all her winnings. This latest eighteen year old winner seems to have his feet on the ground and has even reportedly given away some of his wins to charity. It is always fascinating to see how people deal with life changing jackpots that come out of the blue. The old saying that money can buy happiness seems not to be always accurate as these young lottery winners can attest…

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Harrah’s Casino and Caesars Sack Embattled Chef Paula Deen

Casinos attract millions of patrons from all walks of life and all efforts are made to ensure that patrons are kept happy and keep coming back. Any offensive forms of behaviors like racist remarks are taken seriously. No one is feeling this more than Chef Paula Deen who has just lost significant deals with major casino groups over her now infamous racist slurs. There is no stopping the public outlash at Food Mogul Paul Deen who is under fire from all directions over a racial slur. Anyone following the news will know that Deen has admitted to using a racial slur against blacks in her past. The fiery Southerner has since has to deal with the reaction of both the public and of sponsors. Cuisine and casinos are intertwined closely as patrons combine the love of gambling and food together. These operations are multi-million dollar enterprises and the pickings are rich for all parties involved. The latest Casino to drop Chef Paula Deen is Harrah’s Casino which will in effect cause her to lose her local restaurant in Joliet. This latest blow follows another major casino entity Caesars Entertainment Corporation who also announced today that it will be severing ties with Paula Deen Enterprises. VP Comm for Caesars, Jan Blackhurst released a statement,” While we appreciate Paula’s sincere apologies for statements she made in her past that she recently disclosed during a deposition given in response to a lawsuit, after thoughtful consideration of their impact, we have mutually decided that it is in the best interests of both parties to part ways at this time.” Deen’s sacking buy these major casino brands follows her other endorsement deal losses like that with Smithfiled Foods who are a pork producing company who used Deen’s name on them. All bets are on as to where the next blow will come from for the embattled…

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37 Year Old Colyton Mum Wins £300,000 On National Lottery Scratchcard

  National Lottery scratchcards are popular for very good reasons. While many casinos are out of reach to millions of potential players, simple to play scratchies are always within hand’s reach. Just about every news outlet and kiosk features these magical colorful paper scratch cards that tempt one into spending a few pounds. For a 37 year old Carrie-Anne Targett of Colyton a purchase of the Super 7s scratchcard has netted her a cool £300,000. Carrie-Anne is a worker at CeramTec UK factory and are regular buyers of scratch cards after their weekly shop at Tescos. The lucky ticket was purchased with winnings from a previous scratchie. Carrie Anne discovered her win after scratching her ticket on sofa with her mum. Understandably she was in shock and had to go to her brother’s house where they made the call to Camelot who confirmed the win. Carrie-Anne was so nervous about keeping the scratch ticket in good knick that she placed it in a picture frame for safe keeping. With their new found fortune she intends to purchase a car and a laptop for her son. She also intends keeping her current work schedule and does not plan on major life changes,” I’m sure my life won’t change too much. It will just be nice to be able to live more comfortably. Just last month, I was overdrawn, and my brother, who has been brilliant, helped me…

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