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Ultimate Gaming Launches Real Money Poker Website In Nevada

The Fertitta brothers are well known for their UFC involvement as well as land casinos in the U.S. They have always enjoyed a reputation for leading the pack and today they have yet another milestone to add to their impressive record. Their social gaming company Ultimate Gaming which they founded in 2010 has announced that they will be launching legal real money poker website called The site will be run by Ultimate gaming and will initially accept wages from Nevada players only but most believe that the ongoing legalization of online gambling in the U.S. will spread throughout the country. This real money online poker launch is a major step for Ultimate Gaming as they are officially the first to open real money poker for gamblers. With Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey leading the way, the coming months expect to see a flurry of real money gaming launches which include amongst many the much anticipated real money poker from social gaming giant Zynga. Ultimate Gaming CEO described the launch on Tuesday as significant,” There was black Friday, and now we’re going to have `trusting Tuesday. Players won’t have to worry if their money is safe. They are going to be able to play with people they can trust and know the highest regulatory standards have been applied.” In order to start playing on players will have to go through a lengthy process which includes providing a social security number and Nevada address. Players will also have to be over the age of 21. The stakes are high in the online gambling world with conservative estimates of $35 billion wagered a year . There are also estimates that a legal online poker market in the U.S could generate over $4.3 billion in the first year alone and reach over $9.6 billion by year…

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888 CEO Expects Influential Numbers In U.S. Online Market By 2015

It is interesting times for the London based 888 Holdings who are gearing up to become a major player in the U.S. online gambling market which is slowly but surely opening up. In an interview with Reuters CEO Brian Mattingley said he they intended launching online poker in Nevada this summer and are bullish about expanding in the U.S. market from 2015. This optimism that the U.S. will expand online gambling to additional states is supported by many industry experts. With the ailing economy there are few states that can turn down gaming revenues as they are seen as a source of a much needed cash injection. Mattingley was also bullish about the prospects of Online gambling in New Jersey been made available beyond just online poker. Currently in the state of Nevada poker is the only real form of gambling to be legalized online. Mattingley confirmed that they are currently waiting for their software to be approved in Nevada and expect to launch online poker in the third quarter.In further good news for 888 they reported a 9% increase in revenues in Italy and Spain in the first three months of 2013 reaching $103 million. Italy recorded excellent growth due mainly to the lifting of the ban on online slot machines which are a firm online gamblers favorite. Mattingley believes this ban on online slots will also be removed in Spain as the government cannot afford to lose out on gambling revenues to illegal operators. It is worth noting that ever since the U.S. online gambling market started moving towards legalization in mid 2012 the share price of 888 has doubled and the company is now worth over $915 million.Mattingley summed up their expectations for the coming years in the U.S. market,” I imagine we will start to see some really influential numbers to our business from…

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Inverness Couple Wins £100,000 ScratchCard Fortune

Scratchcards are just another item in many of our shopping lists. For a lucky Inverness couple this monthly purchase paid off big after they won £100,000 on a National Lottery scratchcard. Lorraine Woolley (48) spent only £2 on a scratchcard on April 6 while she picked up her lotto ticket. She could not believe her luck after discovering her incredible win,” I was literally shaking like a leaf in the car when I saw I’d won. My heart was racing and I just couldn’t believe it. I must have looked shocked as my granddaughter who was with me asked me if I’d won any pennies.” The grandmother called up her husband to share in their new fortune and after convincing him that it was not a joke was quoted as saying ”you beauty”. This is not the first time that Lorraine won on a scratchcard as a year ago she won £700 on the National Lottery Triple Lucky 7s Scratchcard. With her new found fortune she plans on paying off her bills, buying new cars and going o n a family vacation to Disney World. An ecstatic Lorraine summed up what many of us would feel having one such a huge chunk of change,” Life won’t change too much for us, but now we can afford a dream family holiday, pay off our bills, look after our two sons and treat ourselves to our very own cars. I cannot wait to go car…

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Cyprus Looking To Casinos As Part Of Plan To Revive Struggling Economy

Online gambling and casinos receive a lot of flak from opponents to gambling as they see it as a potential danger for addiction and other social problems. Supporters of casinos and online gambling argue that in a controlled environment gambling can does not only do no harm but in fact has major positive spins on economies. One such country which is adopting this position is that of the beleaguered Cyprus where president Nicos Anastasiades announced today that as part of the bailout options he will open casinos and bolster tourism in an effort to inject some vital life to their embattled economy. Cyprus has been in the news for a while as they are on the verge of an economic meltdown. Once again they have been given a lifeline with a 23 billion euro rescue package from the International Monetary Fund and their European counterparts. Currently analysts believe that the Cyprus economy will continue to shrink by about 13% until 2015. The president’s ideas of opening casinos and other ideas like business tax breaks are just a few of the many that are planned. Others include granting young people state and church-owned land to cultivate as well as establishing solar…

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Pokies Under Fire In South Australia

Pokies are highly popular the world over with many choosing the thrill of spin the reels as their first gaming option. Down under pokies are as popular as anywhere else. In fact so much so that some gambling critics are calling for measures to limit the amount of machines. The South Australian Government is looking to reduce the amount of machines in an effort to reduce problem gambling. Pokies have been around South Australia since the 1990s and there have been promises by the Parliament going back to 2004 in which they promised to remove hundreds of poker machines. In terms of the proposed changes there will be two categories for venues, either the “major” or the “minor”.  The “Major” category will mean a 60-machine limit with stricter regulations and a “minor” category with a 20-machine limit. Any venue defined as a “major” one would have built-in systems which are aimed at reducing problematic gambling while the “minor” venues would simply offer gambling as part of their food and drinks provision. These new measures are in effect would be the strictest applied to casino across Australia, Deputy premier John Rau summed up the thinking behind the proposed changes,” All of the studies have demonstrated that the number of venues is a critical factor. This will achieve a reduction in the number of venue.” These latest changes are part of an overall plan by the Government to remove over 800 poker machines by the year…

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