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Pennsylvania Lottery Looks To Expand To Online Games

Lotteries are one of the most effective methods for countries to generate state revenues which are channeled to many community-based projects. Unlike other forms of gambling the lottery the world over is not considered by most as even gambling. The fact that large percentages of the lotto ticket sales are ploughed back into the community make it a socially acceptable and even recommend form of gambling for all. The global gambling community is undergoing major changes with many countries realizing the fact that if they do not formulate legal guidelines and procedures for those looking to gamble online then they will simply see billions in revenues disappear into offshore operators who are only too glad at the lack of central controls. The U.S. market is one such example where the legalization of online gambling is at its critical point. As anyone in the gambling world knows last year in December the U.S. Justice Department reviewed their legal stance on the Wire Act of 1961 which up till now was considered the main stumbling block preventing legal internet gambling. Like with all transition phases, the current status quo in the U.S. is up in the air and it is up to individual states to promulgate legislation which would enable viable and legal online gambling. The leading states are New Jersey, Las Vegas and Delaware. As for the rest they are playing catch up and are waiting to see what happens in these pioneering states.Most of the current U.S. states offer lottery services which generate billions but are now looking to expand their operations to online ticket sales and other games. One such state is Pennsylvania where Gov. Tom Corbett is looking to expand the current Pennsylvania Lottery to other online games such as Keno which would generate even more than the $3.5 billion already generated for state programs which amongst others benefit the elderly. In an effort to do this Gov. Corbett is looking into the option of privatizing the state-run lottery. There is opposition to the new proposals from Democratic lawmakers who point out the fact that the current state run lottery has posted increased fiscal earnings of 8.5% from last year and contributed nearly $1 billion for state programs. It remains to be seen if the Gov. Corbett will succeed in expanding the lotto but the crux of the matter is the impact social gambling can have on countries and states. The lotto just proves how responsible gambling can be an economical generator for beleaguered state economies. The chance to expand lotto options to the online world seems a no brainer as everyone is well aware of the…

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Nevada Brings Three New Companies Closer To Legalized Online Poker

Ever since the Wire Act of 1961 was reviewed by the Justice Department last December, there have been hectic efforts by interested parties to get in on the online gambling train which is estimated to be worth at least $35 billion globally. Currently the Federal government has not adopted any nationwide policy which would see a smoother and more viable online gaming market for the U.S. It has become an individual effort by states like Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware who are leading the pack in making online gambling a legal reality in the U.S.. In further good news for online gambling in the U.S., an additional three Nevada casino operators are on their way to launching online poker. On Thursday the state Gaming Control Board recommended interactive gambling licenses for Z4Poker LLC, Cams LLC of Los Angeles and MGM Online LLC. The Nevada Gaming Commission will consider the recommendations on November 15 and are expected to apps without a problem. These licenses will allow these gaming companies to offer legal online poker within the state of Nevada. They will join the other thirteen companies who have already received their licenses. From an outsider’s point of view it seems crazy that the federal government does not take a more active approach as billions of dollars are being lost to offshore operators. Common sense dictates that a regulated and well controlled legal online gambling market would go a long way in helping the U.S. during what everyone admits is a difficult time in the economic history of the U.S. and indeed the…

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